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All-in-One Medical Practice Solution

Electronic Health Records

Follow the patient’s journey by keeping accurate,integrated health data. Customise our templates to fit your preferences and evolve them as your practice grows. Use the file manager to digitally store documents and images.

Practice Management

Easily book, edit, view or cancel your appointments. Color code your tasks making it easy to read the schedule at a glance and identify available slots. Automatic reminders and flexible printouts help you keep track of daily tasks.

Billing and Claims

Improve clean claim rates by eliminating multiple data entries and human errors. Issue invoices and receipts by leveraging data from medical records and scheduled appointments. Add your logo to brand your billing documents.

Galen Office?

Why Galen Office?

  • Anywhere, anytime access

    Galen Office lives on the cloud, which means it is accessible 24/7 via any web-enabled device - PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet.
  • Flexibility

    No upfront investment in servers or other hardware devices is required. Maintenance and control are our responsibilities.
  • Time saving

    The system is set up swiftly, without installation. Automatic updates are deployed regularly, without interruptions.


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