Reports and Analytics

You want to get a quick look at the practice’s financial status, issue an invoice or print a patient’s health record? Thanks to the advanced reporting and analytics tool, you have at hand the answers you need within a few seconds.

Patient-related, administrative and financial data can be summarised and formed into convenient, easy-to-read and elegant reports. Galen Office also offers a variety of export options such as Excel, PDF, and plain text. There are three types of reports:

  • Medical: referrals, medications, health reports
  • Financial: billing reports, accounts receivable, invoices
  • Operational: daily schedule and appointments

A number of dynamic dashboards allow you to display the key information in an easy-to-read format and get real-time insight into the practice’s performance. You can use filters to drill-down from summary to detail reports and from detail reports to related records.

It is also very important to present a professional business image that makes you stand out from competition. With Galen Office you can personalise your reports with logos, contact information and more.